Fifth Day Ink Drawing #inktober

Haha… akhirnya saya masuk tebak-tebakan INKTOBERnya suhu. Rambut, bibir, mata dan hidung… saya :))

Tapi tetep bagusan sketsanye, yeee :3

The Crow Reborn

Fifth day. Sunday. Usually on Sunday goofing off is mandatory, but not this Sunday. I’ve done a 30-km countryside cycling since around 4:30 am, and afterward I drew for this fifth day.

I tried a slightly different brush approach this time. Brush on the right hand, and my left hand was on my right wrist, and I moved as quickly as I could.

Finished in 4 minutes flat, and here’s the result:


Can any of you recognize her this time? Not too detailed, I know, but of course I couldn’t put much detail in 4 minutes and I didn’t want to add more time.

After all, today is Sunday, when goofing off is still mandatory.


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~ by Reny Payus on October 6, 2014.

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