Just Another Stupid Silly Story

everybody must be have some silly story, just like me. but i think i have so many stupid silly story, and  sometimes i think something wrong with me :)))

so, last monday i went to the club with my friends. before we went, i wore my friend lipstick and i heard my friend said ‘that’s red, actually’ but i thought it was not really red and the room was not so bright and i didnt wear my glasses.

After i worn it, i went outside to have a little chitchat with another friend. we talked… we talked… and boooom one of three Guys from Austria asked me about my lip, and they suddenly talked about vampire. then i knew that my lipstick was so fucking bright. OMG hahahahahaa.
i was little bit ashamed that night, but it’s ok. i didnt have problem with that. but i thought some of my friend realy embarassed because of me. My bad.

And last saturday night after we went to Ratu Boko, we met 5 guys from Germany. one of them was really curious about us, because we were local people (but actually only me, because sheryl and Richard are Filipinos) who spoke english loudly. so we were dinner together in Malioboro and we also invited them to my friend’s hostel, because so many foreigners there. so we woke up until midnight.

One of those Germany can play guitar very well. he played Chop Suey from System of Down. OMG, i love SOAD very much. and me like ‘oooooh, waaaaw…. i love soad! i love the intro! he can play even if he’s not so good’

so  i said ‘waaaaaaaw cooool’. and theeeeen…. his friends suddenly said ‘waaaaaaw cooool….’ and laughed him out loud. oh, yeaaaaa…. i thought i embarassed him. hahahahaha. sorry.

But in the morning my friend said that those foreigners were bullied me because i was so lame because i said ‘WOOOOOOW COOOOL’ like he was a pro. so i thought i embarassed my friends too. I must be really bad. So sorry :))

And he also said those guys from Austria bullied me too. I KNEW IT :)))

i know all of them are good friends. we are good, everybody good literally, especially this guy. I know he care about me, that why he gave me good advice how to act. I really really appreciate it.

but i was just being honest with that guy who played guitar, and really don’t know if that was so lame. because some of my friends in my another communities always say that i’m not so honest with them because i’m so bluntly and rarely use nice word.

do you think this is karma? hahahahaha

but i’m little bit wonder because someone said there’s someone who really-really sick about me, because i always out of topic and he/she can not accept me. but… this is me, i only need to accept myself as i am, even when he/she doesnt.

Do you guys agree with me?


~ by Reny Payus on September 6, 2015.

2 Responses to “Just Another Stupid Silly Story”

  1. Take it easy 😀

  2. Tread carefully. 😉

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