Bitch Got Crabs

Few Months ago i told my Big Bro that i wanted to donate my body parts when i die if necessary. Might be for medical research or someone who need transplant. Because i felt really really healthy that day, EVEN NOW! I can go to the Gym and do muaythai right now, or hike Mount  Merbabu and drink vodka or beer even if i feel pain in my waist. #dang!

But something weird happens, i felt not good about my body because i keep bleeding between my periods. I knew that’s not good, really really not good, but i kept talking to my self “there’s nothing wrong” even if i knew there must be something wrong. And it became more strange. #duh

So, last month i went to Hospital to get papsmear. And doctor who did the pap test was shocked and asked me to do biopsi, because there was something strange in my cervix. They also asked me to do Rapid Test for HIV because they saw tattoo in my hand. At first i thought it was nonsense and i was sure i was clean, but my brother and my doctor friend were motivated me because it’s important, so i did it anyway. Thank you, Guys…

After one week, i came back again to get the result. I was litle bit afraid about the HIV one but i kept myself calm by making sure everything was gonna be allright. Yhea, everything gonna be allright. I’m HIV Negative #fyuh.
Unfortunately the biopsi result was not really good because there’s precancerous changes in my cervix. They diagnosed me with Cervical Cancer but they didnt know how bad it was, so they referred me to Oncologist.


Now i have to take some cervical cancer treatment in this public hospital, but the administration can be a bit dickish at times, because this government health insurance program i use is li’l bit confusing and complicated. It’s makes me difficult to figure it out because i am living alone while at the same time dealing with this crab. But thank you anyway, dear government.



~ by Reny Payus on September 11, 2015.

3 Responses to “Bitch Got Crabs”

  1. get well soon mak ren :/

  2. nomer rekeningmu piro? takon tok. wkwkwkwkwk

  3. Reeeen aku baru tau updatemu justru di sini, bukan di grup WA, Get well soon ya.. didoakan moga lekas pulih!

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